we sale at very cheap prices to all our national and international buyers.we do export world wide with our rapid and quality service . we offer the best quality ostrich products and live ostrich in all age group. we offer thehealthiest bird. ostrich and turkey meat for sale with cheapest price. ostrich skin in crust and finish for sale with suitable price  

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The nemunetak Ostrich Farm is dedicated to providing a memorable and unique experience for all of our guests. It's one of the things you have to do when you are at nemunetak.
At the farm, we provide a fun and interesting learning experience for kids & adults of all ages.
View ostrich chicks at one day old, feed the yearlings, say hi to them
Our tour guides are happy to answer all your questions


Cow leather
Iran origin of cow hides is one of the best kind of raw material available around the world. It is very good for making full grain articles as well as buffed ones. Interesting aspect is that we could finish cow in various substances i.e...
Sheep leather
Sheep skins processed in the tannery are from the best quality of locally available raw material...Read more


Ostrich Chicks
With 30 years of hands on experience in incubation, hatching and raising ratite chicks, this company has the knowledge to help you succeed with your quest to raise chicks.
We recommend that you place your chick orders well in advance so orders can be filled in a timely manner...Read more


Ostrich meat
Ostrich meat is not only very tasty, it is also very lean and contains less then 2% fat The color is bright red. Ostrich is sold in Ostrich Steak/Fillet, Ostrich burgers and Ostrich RoastEach Ostrich meat order is chosen by hand at just the right size to 100% guarantee buying Ostrich meat you can buy online...Read more



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